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What happend?

My home was without internet for a week. It didn't just result in no updates I also missed the domain renewal for cryospherecomputing.tk; That's why the website wasn't availabe at all. A few people missed the daily updates and contacted me about the issue. Thank you for your concern.

It seems the website has grown beyond a personal programming exercise. To make it a more professional and reliable I decided to make changes to the background infrastructure. Currently the website is hosted on GitHub pages and the daily updated images are on Google drive. My only main computer runs the scheduled updates every day and uploads them to Google Drive. It works decently well, but if my internet goes down like last week there won’t be any updates. Windows updates can mess up regular schedules as well.

My plan is to rent a virtual server and let it calculate all daily updates. Maybe it is even fast enough to host the entire website. In this case the website would be set up to offer more features like personalised graphs, a persistent dark mode, or entirely custom calculations. At the moment the website is just a collection of individual webpages and not a webserver.

To pay for the server and an automatic domain renewal I set up a donation button to keep it running independently from my finances. Depending on how generous my visitors are I could spend more time on developing new content and features.

There is only one domain provider for the .tk top level domain. Since the free domain period is over it makes no sense to be tied to this one provider. The plan is to switch to cryospherecomputing.com next year. When it happens, there will be a few months transition period where both domains work and an announcement on the homepage.


Any questions? Drop a note!

Email: cryocomputing@gmail.com